Ross Daniels, Auctioneer
Phone: (620) 431-8536
Humboldt, Kansas

DSC 1825

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Saturday, April 28th @ 10:00 am

320 S. 6th  Humboldt, KS  66748

Estate of Harlan & Nieta Cress


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Thursday, April 26th @ 5:00 PM

412 Mulberry Humboldt, KS  66748

Elsie Thompson-Owner

We will sell the real estate at 5:00 with the personal property to follow.  Minium opening bid of $12,000 with a 10% buyer's premium.


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Saturday, June 9th @ 9:00 AM

321 3800 Rd  Elsmore, KS  66732

Jerry & Brenda Swanson-Owners



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