Ross Daniels, Auctioneer
Phone: (620) 431-8536
Humboldt, Kansas

DSC 1825

Upcoming Auctions


Sunday, March 25th @ 1:00 PM

161 2000 Rd.  

Humboldt, KS  66748

Estate of Roy Barnett



  (A 2% buyers premium will apply to online bidders)


SAM 1326SAM 1344SAM 1356SAM 1437SAM 1445SAM 1452 

     SAM 1380SAM 1381SAM 1386SAM 1387SAM 1388SAM 1389SAM 177SAM 1438SAM 1439SAM 1440SAM 1441SAM 1442SAM 1443      SAM 1328SAM 1329SAM 1330SAM 1331SAM 1332SAM 1333SAM 1334SAM 1335SAM 1336SAM 1337SAM 1338SAM 1339SAM 1340SAM 1341SAM 1343SAM 175SAM 1345SAM 1346SAM 1347SAM 1348SAM 1349SAM 1350SAM 1352SAM 1353SAM 1354SAM 1355SAM 176SAM 1357SAM 1358SAM 1359SAM 1360SAM 1361SAM 1362SAM 1363SAM 1364SAM 1366SAM 1367SAM 1368SAM 1369SAM 1370SAM 1371SAM 1372SAM 1373SAM 1374SAM 1375SAM 1398SAM 1399SAM 1400SAM 1401SAM 1407SAM 1408SAM 1409SAM 1410SAM 1411SAM 1412SAM 1413SAM 1414SAM 1415SAM 1417SAM 1418SAM 1419SAM 1420SAM 1421SAM 1422SAM 1423SAM 1424SAM 1425SAM 1426SAM 1429SAM 1431SAM 1433SAM 1434SAM 1435SAM 1444SAM 250SAM 1446SAM 1448SAM 1449SAM 1450SAM 1451SAM 251SAM 1453SAM 1454SAM 1455  Barnett pic 2




Saturday, April 28th @ 10:00 am

320 S. 6th  Humboldt, KS  66748

Estate of Harlan & Nieta Cress


(Listing coming Shortly)

SAM 1456SAM 1458SAM 1459SAM 1460SAM 1461SAM 1462SAM 1463SAM 1464SAM 1466SAM 1467SAM 1469SAM 1471SAM 1472SAM 1473SAM 1475SAM 1476SAM 1478SAM 1479SAM 1480SAM 1481SAM 1482SAM 1483SAM 1484SAM 1485SAM 1486SAM 1488SAM 1489SAM 1490SAM 1491SAM 1492SAM 1493SAM 1496SAM 1497SAM 1498SAM 1500


Saturday, April 21st @ 10:00 am

620 N. 6th Humboldt,  KS  66748

Estate of Carl & Evelyn Pollman


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Guns and Currency Sell at Noon.










SAM 1575SAM 1576SAM 1579SAM 1580SAM 1581SAM 1583SAM 1585SAM 1586SAM 1587SAM 1588SAM 1589SAM 1590SAM 1591SAM 1592SAM 1593SAM 1594SAM 1595SAM 1596SAM 1597SAM 1598SAM 1599SAM 1600SAM 1601SAM 1602SAM 1603SAM 1604SAM 1605SAM 1606SAM 1607SAM 1608SAM 1609SAM 1610SAM 1611SAM 1612SAM 1613SAM 1614

SAM 1577